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Table 3 The odds ratios (OR) for selected organ-group specific malformations

From: Congenital anomalies in newborns to women employed in jobs with frequent exposure to organic solvents - a register-based prospective study

Organ group (ICD-10) OR (95% confidence limits)
Nervous system (Q00-07) NA1
Eye, ear, face and neck (Q10-18) NA1
Circulatory system (Q20-28) 2.03 (0.85, 4.84)2
Respiratory system (Q30-34) NA1
Digestive system (Q35-45) 1.65 (0.50, 5.46)3
Genital organs (Q50-56) 2.24 (0.95, 5.31)2
Urinary system (Q60-64) 1.06 (0.33, 3.43)3
Musculoskeletal system (Q66-79) 1.12 (0.62, 2.02)3
Overall (Q00-89)4 1.24 (0.85, 1.82)2
  1. 1 Not applicable. 2 Adjusted for maternal age <18 years, maternal malformation, smoking, and year of birth. 3 Not adjusted for co-variates due to poor model fit. 4 Q65 and Q86.0 not included.