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Figure 2

From: Cardiovascular risk estimation in women with a history of hypertensive pregnancy disorders at term: a longitudinal follow-up study

Figure 2

10-year Framingham risk score extrapolated to the age of 60 years. A. 10-Year Framingham risk scores (%) extrapolated to the age of 60 years of women with a history of uncomplicated normotensive pregnancies (NTP women, dotted bars). The top and bottom of each box correspond to the 75th percentile and 25th percentile, respectively. The whiskers (t bars) on the top and botttom denote the 90th percentile and 10th percentile, respectively. B. Division into 4 different risk categories (0 - 5%, >5% - 10%>10% - 20% and >20%). 10-Year risk of estimation of overall cardiovascular disease risk according to the Framingham Heart Study algorithm based on the following risk factors, ie. age, smoking, systolic blood pressure, HDL cholesterol, total cholesterol.

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