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Table 1 CMW selection criteria

From: Saving mothers and newborns in communities: strengthening community midwives to provide high quality essential newborn and maternal care in Baluchistan, Pakistan in a financially sustainable manner

Required criteria* Completed 18 month training, and passed National Examination Board
  Resident of catchment area
Catchment population at least 3,000 (i.e. the CMW can reach communities/households in her catchment area within 1 hour travel distance, using transport available to the CMW)
Willingness to complete the tasks of the CMW’s job description, including:
o Work as skilled birth attendance
o Participate in trainings
o Repay loans
Computerized National ID Card (CNIC) (Most CMWs should already have this, as it’s a requirement to register in CMW training course.)
Local/domicile certificate
Space available in home and willingness to utilize space for work station
Only one CMW will be selected from a catchment area
Mobile network coverage in home community
Preference will be given to Married women
  Currently uses mobile phones
Registered with Pakistan Nursing Council
  1. *These criteria were developed in partnership with the government of Baluchistan to ensure that the project is most likely to succeed, while still serving the needs of vulnerable and marginalized communities.