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Table 5 Multivariable logistic regression model: association between severe maternal morbidity and PTSD symptoms adjusted for potential confounders

From: The relationship between severe maternal morbidity and psychological health symptoms at 6–8 weeks postpartum: a prospective cohort study in one English maternity unit

  ≥20 on IES Intrusion subscale ≥20 on IES Avoidance subscale
ORs (95%CI) P ORs (95%CI) P
SMM vs. Non-SMM 2.21 (1.24-3.96) 0.007 3.58 (2.20-5.84) <0.001
Perceived social support - SSS       
(unit = 1 score) 0.97 (0.93-1.00) 0.06 0.91 (0.88-0.94) <0.001
Perceived stressful event       
Yes vs. No 1.61 (0.94-2.77) 0.08 1.24 (0.75-2.03) 0.40
  1. SMM Severe maternal morbidity, SSS Social Support Scale.
  2. Adjusted for age, parity, ethnic groups, BMI. The results for these variables have been omitted from the model for simplicity of presentation.