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Figure 1

From: Effect of maternal obesity with and without gestational diabetes on offspring subcutaneous and preperitoneal adipose tissue development from birth up to year-1

Figure 1

Regression of PPA and SCA at week-1 on maternal plasma C-peptide and adiponectin levels at 3rd trimester. Maternal C-peptide (A), HMW adiponectin (B) and SA (C) are presented in relation to neonatal PPA and SCA, respectively. β: unadjusted standardized regression coefficient. βadj: standardized regression coefficient adjusted for the variables infant sex, pregnancy duration, maternal pre-pregnancy BMI, AUC Glucose (OGTT) and gestational weight gain. The plotted regression lines indicate the results of the unadjusted analyses. HMW: high molecular weight; Log: logarithmic; PPA: preperitoneal adipose tissue; SA: HMW-total adiponectin ratio; SCA: subcutaneous adipose tissue; open circles: lean group; black circles: obese group; open triangles: obese GDM group.

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