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Table 2 Type of maternity home visiting services and frequency of contacts

From: Smoothing out the transition of care between maternity and child and family health services: perspectives of child and family health nurses and midwives’

Type of home visiting Australia
  N %
Hospital-based midwife visits as part of postnatal service 350 81.4
Caseload or group practice provides midwifery home visits 242 56.3
Community midwife visits at home 183 42.6
Other 47 10.9
N of respondents* 430  
Type of contact Australia
N %
Face to face contact   
3+ visits in first 7 days 176 47.4
6+ visits in first 7 days 26 7
Mean visits in first 7 days   
Standard deviation 1.63  
Phone contact   
3+ calls in first 7 days 107 28.8
6+ calls in first 7 days 30 8
Mean calls in first 7 days 2.3  
Standard deviation 1.76  
N of respondents* 371  
  1. By maternity services providing home visiting in Australia.
  2. * Total respondents are those who indicated that their maternity service provided a home visiting service by midwives. Respondents could give more than one response.