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Table 1 Criteria contributing to suspicion of clinical diagnosis of preeclampsia*

From: Multicenter prospective clinical study to evaluate the prediction of short-term outcome in pregnant women with suspected preeclampsia (PROGNOSIS): study protocol

Clinical signs and symptoms
a. New onset of elevated blood pressurea
b. Aggravation of pre-existing hypertension
c. New onset of protein in urineb
d. Aggravation of pre-existing proteinuria
e. One or more other reason(s) for clinical suspicion of preeclampsia (see i. and ii.)
i. Preeclampsia-related symptoms: 1. Epigastric pain
2. Excessive edema/severe swelling, (face, hands, feet)
3. Headache
4. Visual disturbances
5. Sudden weight gain (>1 kg/week in the third trimester)
ii. Preeclampsia-relatedfindings: 1. Low platelets
2. Elevated liver transaminases
3. (Suspected) intrauterine growth restriction
4. Abnormal uterine perfusion detected by Doppler sonography with mean pulsatility index >95th percentile in the second trimester and/or bilateral uterine artery notching
  1. aDoes not need to be defined hypertension (≥140 mmHg systolic and/or ≥90 mmHg diastolic).
  2. bDoes not need to be defined proteinuria – any protein in the urine is sufficient.
  3. *The presence of at least one of these clinical criteria for suspicion of preeclampsia is required for inclusion in the study.