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Table 3 Relationship of preterm birth, low birth weight and birth weight with fasting

From: Experiences and outcomes of maternal Ramadan fasting during pregnancy: results from a sub-cohort of the Born in Bradford birth cohort study

  Unadjusted Adjusted*
Outcome OR (95% CI) p value OR (95% CI) p value
Preterm birth 1.12 (0.31-4.06) 0.86 0.72 (0.12-4.19) 0.71
Low birth weight 0.75 (0.31-1.9) 0.54 1.82 (0.65-5.06) 0.25
Birth weight, mean difference, grams (SD) 86.02 (-28.16-200.20) 0.14 75.07 (-221.27-371.41) 0.62
  1. *All models adjusted for age, fasting, trimester of exposure to fasting, maternal education, parity, booking BMI, height, baby’s gender and smoking.