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Table 3 The relation between mean TSH and mean FT4 throughout gestation in term women in spontaneous labour, corrected for multiple counfounders

From: Increased maternal TSH and decreased maternal FT4 are associated with a higher operative delivery rate in low-risk pregnancies: A prospective cohort study

  F p-value
Mean TSH   
Reason for operative delivery 3.107 0.026
Parity 5.005 0.026
Gestational age 0.037 0.85
Body Mass Index 0.007 0.93
Maternal age 0.716 0.40
Mean FT4   
Reason for operative delivery 3.006 0.030
Parity 1.276 0.26
Gestational age 0.605 0.44
Body Mass Index 16.469 <0.001
Maternal age 18.798 <0.001