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Table 1 Topics covered by day 3 postnatal checklist

From: Can a community health worker administered postnatal checklist increase health-seeking behaviors and knowledge?: evidence from a randomized trial with a private maternity facility in Kiambu County, Kenya

Screening criteria Health education
• Maternal infection (e.g. fever, mastitis) • Secondary postnatal hemorrhage • Postnatal Pre-eclampsia • Anemia • Danger signs for postnatal care-seeking • Maternal nutrition • Postnatal family planning
Screening criteria Health Education
• Insufficient breastfeeding/dehydration • Jaundice (palms, soles, and eyes) • Local infection (umbilical cord, eyes, and skin) • Breathing difficulties • Fever • Hypothermia • Breastfeeding • Danger signs for newborn care-seeking • Umbilical cord care • Thermal care • Hand hygiene