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Table 2 Study timeline and investigations

From: The Probiotics in Pregnancy Study (PiP Study): rationale and design of a double-blind randomised controlled trial to improve maternal health during pregnancy and prevent infant eczema and allergy

   14-16 Weeks Gestation 26-28 Weeks Gestation 35-37 Weeks Gestation Birth 3-7 Days After Birth Infant Age 3 Months Infant Age 6 Months Infant Age 12 Months
  Intervention: new bottle study capsules Intervention commences    Intervention stops  
Objective measures and samples: Maternal
  Vaginal swab (BV)        
  Vagino-rectal swab (GBS)        
  Blood samples (OGTT and serum)   e       
  Faecal sample         
  3 day food diary         
  Cord blood and tissue         
  Breast milk         
  Skin prick test        Completed after birth
Objective measures and samples: Infant
  Faecal sample        
  48 hour food diary        
  Buccal sample        
  Skin swabs        
  Skin prick test        
Objective measures and samples: Paternal
  Anthropometrya,b,c      Completed at any visit after birth
  Skin prick test      Completed at any visit after birth
  1. BV bacterial vaginosis, GBS group B streptococcus, OGTT oral glucose tolerance test, SCORAD scoring atopic dermatitis
  2. aheight/length bweight chead circumference dwaist circumference eexcluding women with pre-existing diabetes