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Table 2 The intraclass correlation coefficients of CRL and MSD measurements of women between 6 and 10 weeks of gestation in Mulago Hospital, Kampala, 2016

From: Measurement error of mean sac diameter and crown-rump length among pregnant women at Mulago hospital, Uganda

Paired set of measurements ICC* 95% CI*
Intra-observer variation (CRL*)
 Observer 1 0.993 (0.988, 0.996)
 Observer 2 0.995 (0.992, 0.997)
Inter-observer variation
 CRL* 0.988 (0.980, 0.993)
 MSD* 0.955 (0.924, 0.973)
  1. *CI confidence interval, *ICC Intraclass correlation coefficient, *CRL Crown-rump length, *MSD Mean sac diameter