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Fig. 1

From: Attitudes of U.S. Hispanic and non-Hispanic women toward congenital CMV prevention behaviors: a cross sectional study

Fig. 1

Hispanic and non-Hispanic women’s attitudes toward not kissing on lips and avoiding sharing behaviors. Attitudes toward CMV prevention behaviors were assessed by asking women to rate on four 7-point semantic differential scales: impractical (1) to practical (7), inconvenient (1) to convenient (7), difficult (1) to easy (7) and unrealistic (1) to realistic (7) for each of the CMV prevention behaviors. Higher values indicate that women viewed the behaviors are more practical, more convenient, easier and more realistic. Overall attitudes toward kissing on the lips was calculated as the average of the four adjectives. Overall attitude for the sharing behaviors (sharing a cup, sharing eating utensils, and sharing food with a child) were calculated into a single scale as the average of the four adjectives. Box plots summarize the distribution of attitudes across the behaviors: median (diamond shape), interquartile range (25th and 75th percentiles), and range (minimum and maximum)

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