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Table 1 Nutritional composition of the supplements

From: Effect of maternal supplement beverage with and without probiotics during pregnancy and lactation on maternal and infant health: a randomized controlled trial in the Philippines

Energy, kcal 140
Fat, g 3.50
Linoleic acid, mg 73.2
Alpha-linoleic acid, mg 80.9
Docosahexaenoic acid, mg 43.8
Protein, g 7.9
Carbohydrates, g 21
Minerals, mg  
 Sodium 87
 Chloride 205
 Calcium 254
 Magnesium 32
 Iron 7
 Zinc 2.6
 Vitamin A, IU 438
 Vitamin D, IU 35
 Vitamin E, IU 4.60
 Vitamin C, IU 19.6
 Vitamin B1, μg 217
 Vitamin B6, μg 263
 Niacin, μg 3045
 Folic acid, μg 125
 Panthotenic acid, μg 1295
 Biotin, μg 9.80
  1. The composition of the supplement plus probiotics is identical to the supplement alone except for the addition of L. rhamnosus (7 × 108 cfu) and B. Lactis (7 × 108 cfu)