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Table 1 Summary of variables

From: Survival of low birthweight neonates in Uganda: analysis of progress between 1995 and 2011

Variables Categories Descriptions
Outcome variable
Neonatal mortality Yes (Dead) Died within age ≤ 1 month
No (Alive) Alive at age ≥ 1 month
Predictor variable
Low birthweight Yes <  2500 g
No ≥ 2500 g ≤ 4000 g
Maternal and socio-economic variables
Maternal age < 20 years  
20–34 years  
35–49 years  
Wealth status Poor  
Maternal education No education No formal education
Primary < 9 years of education
Secondary/higher ≥9 years of education
Parity Primiparous First ever birth
Para 2–3 2–3 children
Para 4+ 4 or more children
Marital status Single Never married, widowed, separated/divorce at delivery time, not living with the spouse
Married Married or cohabiting
Place of residence Rural  
Cesarean birth No  
Check-up for pregnancy complications No