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Table 10 Statistical Significance of Effect of Information Sourced on Supplementation and Dietary Changes Before Pregnancy

From: A cross-sectional survey investigating women’s information sources, behaviour, expectations, knowledge and level of satisfaction on advice received about diet and supplements before and during pregnancy

  FA VD/FA VD HSV CS Increased FFV Decreased CBCS
GP 0.471 0.426 0.286 0.131 0.200 0.940 0.058
AC 0.311 0.635 0.525 0.739 0.201 0.737 0.953
IT 0.006a 0.979 0.004a 0.447 0.030a 0.017a 0.420
MA 0.775 0.143 0.468 0.704 0.237 0.465 0.434
PP 0.477 0.522 0.364 0.787 0.604   
  1. PP previously pregnant, GP General Practitioner, AC Antenatal Clinic, IT internet, MA mobile applications, FA folic acid, VD/FA Vitamin D and folic acid, HSV Healthy Start Vitamin, CS commercial branded pregnancy supplements, FFV fresh fruits and vegetables, CBCS cakes, biscuits, chocolates, and sweets
  2. aStatistically significant changes made when information is sourced before pregnancy assessed using paired samples T-test