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Table 1 Database schema

From: The Preterm Clinical Network (PCN) Database: a web-based systematic method of collecting data on the care of women at risk of preterm birth

Main forms (minimal dataset)
Data form Data level 1 Data level 2 Data level 3 Comments
Registration Initials; date of birth; postcode; hospital number; NHS number; number of fetuses; consent to database; consent to storage of baby identifier    Initials, date of birth, hospital number and NHS number are transferred to separate “Patient Details Database”.
Clinic Record Demographics Expected date of delivery (EDD)   
Gravida   Number of pregnancies, including current
Parity   Number of live births or pregnancies ending at 24+ 0 or more weeks’ gestation
Height (cm)   
Weight (kg)   
BMI (kg/m2)   Calculated from height and weight
Age (at EDD)   Calculated from date of birth and EDD.
Ethnicity   Drop down list
Smoking status   Drop down list
Lower super output area   Postcode converted to lower super output area.
Risk factors/ reasons for referral Previous preterm birth Number of previous preterm births and earliest gestation  
Previous premature ruptured membranes (PPROM) Number of previous PPROMs and earliest gestation  
Previous late miscarriage Number of previous late miscarriages and latest gestation  
Previous cervical surgery Number of previous cervical surgeries and most significant procedure  
Uterine abnormality   Drop down list
Multiple pregnancy   Enter number
Other risk factors   Drop down list and free text
Preterm clinic visits Date   Enter date
Gestation   Calculated from date of visit and EDD
Shortest cervical length   
Fetal fibronectin results   
Infection screen results   
Other test results   
Symptoms None; abdominal/ back pain; tightenings; tightenings and pain; vaginal pressure; PV loss; other  
Preterm birth interventions Type E.g. cerclage; progesterone; pessary; bedrest; admission  
Sub-type E.g. low vaginal cerclage; high vaginal cerclage; abdominal cerclage  
Indication for intervention History indicated; ultrasound indicated; emergency/rescue  
Intervention date   
Gestation   Calculated from EDD and date of intervention
Date of delivery   
Pregnancy outcome Onset of labour Spontaneous; induced; pre-labour caesarean  
Gestation at delivery   Calculated from EDD and date of delivery
Maternal outcomes No significant morbidities; maternal infection or inflammation; pre-labour rupture of membranes; harm to mother from intervention; ITU admission Maternal death  
Neonatal outcomes Livebirth; stillbirth; miscarriage; NNU admission; infection (proven, ≤ 72 h); early neuro-developmental morbidity; late neuro-developmental morbidity; gastro-intestinal morbidity; respiratory morbidity; harm to infant from intervention; neonatal death  
Additional data forms Comments (for additional details if required)
Medical History Tick and text boxes for recording of medical conditions and current medications.
Obstetric History Space for recording previous pregnancies: year; gestation, outcome; onset of labour; mode of delivery; preterm birth interventions; gestation at intervention.
Cervical Surgery Space for recording cervical surgery: year; type; anaesthetic; depth
Antenatal details Details of preterm interventions; day assessment episodes and antenatal inpatient nights, e.g. tocolysis; steroid administration; antibiotics; progesterone; cerclage; pessary.
Delivery Details Onset of labour; reason if not spontaneous; magnesium sulphate and antibiotics in labour; markers of maternal infection (e.g. pyrexia, test results); blood loss; date of discharge; number of postnatal nights.
Neonatal Details Date and time of delivery; gestation at delivery; date and time of rupture of membranes; mode of delivery; gender; birthweight; Apgar scores; congenital abnormalities; NNU admission; neonatal morbidities and death; discharge from hospital; number of inpatient nights (one form created per fetus).
Research Participation Record Record of patient’s participation in preterm birth research: study name; study ID; date of enrolment; study design; treatment allocation.