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Table 1 Themes and a selection of codes for each one

From: An account for barriers and strategies in fulfilling women’s right to quality maternal health care: a qualitative study from rural Tanzania

Selected codes Themes
male HW take care of women in absence of female HW “I am not going there they are all male HW” male HW hinders women to deliver at the facility A female HW at ANC will attract more women A nurse giving care to three patients at the same time Opting for home delivery due to lack of confidentiality They receive more support from home during delivery We provide less care to our patients It’s hard to respect women’s preferences
“help them with troubles” “Willingly to work until midnight” Helping them as they come from far away Postponing family issues for patients Staying with patients all times Getting ready to help three patients at a time Taking care of many patients at a time Striving to fulfill women’s needs with limited knowledge and resources
Going for outreach without payment Providing health services at outreach Advices on the place of delivery Informing them the reason for referral Women lives far from the facility Unable to afford transport expenses Trying to facilitate women’s access to services at the face of transport and cost barriers
  1. (Note: selected codes are from Health Workers’ perspectives)
  2. (Quotation marks indicates in-vivo codes), HW Health Workers, ANC Antenatal care